How to start a conversation with a girl & fell her in love with you

Starting a conversation is not easy all the time, especially when you are facing social anxiety or are an introverted person, But don’t worry, we will tell you how to start a good conversation with a stranger girl and make her fall in love with you.

Say Hi there, senorita

Use attractive slang if you are about to call her for the first time. It will make a specific impression on her reply.

Ask smart questions like

What’s her favourite food? and then plan with her to go outside for dinner or to go outside for a party.

What is her favourite colour? and then wear that colour to impress her.

Ask about past experiences about her job or having a friend.

What hobbies do you have when you have free time?

Which hobbies do you have?

What goals do you have for your life?

Regarding what do you have a strong passion?

Which destination on your vacation schedule is your favourite?

Ask about her self-interest

Better ask herself about her self-interest for example ask her about her favourite movies, colour,tv series, food, and her favourite travel places. This will grab her inner attention towards you.

Ask her what type of people she likes: introvert or extroverts. if she replies extrovert, this means she is interest in you that’s a good luck.

Ask her about her daily routines

When you get to her daily routines then you can create a romantic friend zone with her.

What type of food do you like to eat?

What’s your favourite drink?

Which TV series or movie genre do you love to watch?

Which book are you reading these days?

Do you want to go outside for a party with me?

Connect With Her Experiences

You can be a stranger to someone when you first start chatting with them, therefore they might not feel comfortable opening up right away. By talking about your personal hobbies and experiences, you can de-stress and make the interview feel less formal.

Share your cooking adventures with her cause girls are close to cooking because it’s the thing they do in their free time, food to cook to eat.

Share your TV serial watching with her in a good conversation. You should share your daily routines experiences with her so that she can develop an interest in your talks .

Listen lot and argue less

In your first and new conversation you should be patience to have her attention and make her fall in friendzone with her ,listen lot  but argue less with this technique you can be a good friend of her rather than wasting time with useless talks that can create a gab in you and her.

Avoid Becoming Too Personal Too Soon

Don’t get too personal after 1 to 2 conversations wait for her responses that she starts liking and sharing her daily routines with you otherwise, you can lose a chance of getting her on your friend list.

Show Similarities Between You

In conversation, with a girl you love, you should ask the question that shows similarities between you and her if she likes a color then you should also tell her that I also like it psychologically this will get her attention that you are her type of soul and it can create balanced interest levels that are common in both you of just make her believe in you that you are like and you will be a perfect soul mate of her life.

Stay happy and be humorous

Having a happy face in front of her means you likes her. Never make an anxious or worried face whenever you are starting a conversation with a girl and be humorous girls love humorous guys because they are a lot more emotional and less humorous than men, so be practically jolly and the game is yours.



Impressing a girl in the first conversation isn’t that difficult and nor easy you should be more careful to start a good conversation to impress a girl and make her fall in love with you.

Try out the above techniques of starting a good conversation with a girl you love and in case of rejection don’t worry try again on someone else you will get attention, and care and find the love of your life

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