Top 10 trending watches to buy from Amazon


Bertucci is an American brand that is very demanding across the world, their watches are affordable and reliable.

Bertucci comes in many variants of colours with stainless steel and water-resistant properties.

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Casio watches have been Japanese-manufactured since 1974. These watches are like calculators, but they are still in demand across the world. Casio watches are reliable and durable made with stainless steel and comes with water resistance.

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San Martin is a Chinese brand that comes with different copies of famous brands like Rolex and Seiko, with logos of famous brands are tagged in San Marting watches.San Marting watches are durable and waterproof.

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Lorus is made by Seiko Watch Corporation. Lorus Watches builds both analogue quartz and digital watches for its customers. Lorus watches have water resistance, and they are also made from stainless steel.

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5. Timex

Times Cooperation is an American global watch manufacturer that has been making watches since 1854. These watches come with affordable prices and have water resistance, Timex watches come with stainless steel.

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Invicta is an American brand that makes watches and its headquarters is in Hollywood, Florida.

Invicta watches are made of high-quality material with stainless steel and have water resistance properties so buy these watches Invicta watches are stylish and come in many designs.

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Seiko is a Japanese company that makes watches, clocks, and different electronic devices and is famous for its watches because they are highly reliable and durable and comes with water resistance. Seiko watches are made with stainless steel, so buy Seiko watches they are awesome and look beautiful on hands. Seiko mechanical watches are famous across Europe and Asia.

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8. Citizen

Citizen is a Japanese based company that makes watches and calculators for its customers; Its head office is in Tokyo. The parent company of the American brand Bulova, makes electronic devices and calculators. Citizen is a luxury brand it and watches are for both men and women. Citizen watches are reliable and affordable.

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Citizen Company is the parent of an American brand named Bulova make watches and electronic devices like calculators. Bulova is a reliable and well-known brand for watches.

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10. Orient

Orient is another sister brand of Seiko Japanese-based company.Orient watches are affordable in price with water resistance and stainless steel. Orient Watches are famous for their mechanical watches, their watches are very cool and good-looking. Orient watches look great at parties and for office wear.o

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